Registrar's Information Space
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To obtain access, a certificate application, the IP address(es) and details for the personal ID code-based account should be submitted to the EIF. The EIF will issue a certificate for using the EPP and REPP interfaces and will grant access to the test environment of the Registrar's Portal to the owners of the respective personal ID codes.

Persons who do not have an Estonian ID card can log in to the web environment with a username and a PKI certificate. In this case it should be noted that the CN in the certificate application should correspond to the desired username.

When applying for IP access, please note if the IP is meant for EPP/REPP, the Registrar's Portal or both. For new user accounts of the Registrar's Portal, it should also be noted whether the user has the rights for EPP operations or for Billing functions, or both.

NOTE! The number of allowed IP addresses is regulated in the Registry Contract. IP addresses can be added one by one, not by ranges.

Addresses of the interfaces of the production environment:

What are the user rights levels in the Registrar's Portal?

There are 3 levels: A user with EPP rights has access to the functionality related to registration services, a user with billing rights sees the billing functionality and a user with both rights, sees both.

Can a registrar create and administrate new users?

Not at the moment. This functionality may be added in the future.