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A registrant must appoint an administrative contact for a domain when registering the domain, who is:

  • A legal representative of the registrant (e.g. a member of the board in the case of a legal person) or a representative authorised by the registrant in writing;
  • A natural person.
  • There may be more than one person in this role. The registry system allows the registration of up to 10 administrative contacts.
An administrative contact:

  • May sign and submit all applications related to the domain on behalf of the registrant and receive and forward any kind of information related to the domain;
  • Must not delegate his or her duties, i.e. has no right of sub delegation;
  • Has the same rights as the registrant; the administrative contact can essentially decide the “fate of the domain", i.e. decide on all the critical operations related to the domain, like registration of the domain, deletion of the domain, transferring of the domain to a new owner.
  • Is responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the data and documents submitted about himself/herself and about the registrant.
NOTE! A registrant is obliged to guarantee that the person appointed as the administrative contact agrees to fulfil the duties of an administrative contact.

  • If the administrative contact is a person authorised by the registrant in writing, the registrar has to verify the existence of the letter of authorisation and, if requested by the EIF, must also provide the signed written letter of authorisation. The registrar may (but is not obliged to) submit the registration application to the EIF along with the written letter of authorisation.
Potential problems:

  • If a registrant wishes to remove an administrative contact? An administrative contact can be removed only if there are more than one of them, as every domain has to have at least one administrative contact. If there is only one administrative contact, they will have to be replaced with another person. See also Updating Contact Information;
  • If the registrant does not appoint a specific administrative contact? In the case of registrants who are natural persons, the registrar will appoint the registrant as the administrative contact. In the case of registrants who are legal persons, the administrative contact is the person who submits the application or is appointed in the application as the administrative contact. A legal person cannot submit an application without an administrative contact.
Related sections of the Domain Regulation: 2.14, 4.1.1 and 4.1.4.