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A registrant is a person to whose name a domain is registered, or who is applying for a domain to be registered in their name.

  • A registrant can be a natural or legal person, whose identity has been verified and who has submitted all information and documents required for this.
  • A registrant can perform all operations with the domain or authorise administrative contacts to perform these on behalf of the registrant.
NOTE! If the registrant is a natural person, he or she may also be the administrative contact of the domain registered by him or her.

Potential problems:

  • If a registrant of the domain wants to be a child (underage person)? Under the rules of law the parents of the child are responsible of the actions of his/her child. Underage person can be the registrant of the domain only when his/her parents confirm it. In this case the parents of the child must be the administrative contacts of the domain, who must also sign the registrant application.
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