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Updating the contact information of a domain means changing the contact data of the administrative contact, the technical contact and/or the registrant.

  • Once a contact has been created, the following information cannot be changed: the ID (personal identity code), the Business Registry code, the date of birth, the top-level domain and the type of the code (org/priv/birthdate).
  • It is the duty of the registrar to establish the direct intent when contact information is being updated, additional mandatory methods for identity verification and establishment of intent (the so-called "legaldoc" requirements) do not apply;
  • An administrative contact can also update the domain's contact information!
  • The registrar has the right to choose which method for establishing the intent of the registrant the registrar wants to use at the process of updating the contact information;
  • The method used for establishing the intent of the registrant must be verifiable later;
  • If an email address is being updated, the EIF will forward a notification to the old as well as the new contact.
NOTE! Updating the administrative contact or technical contact also counts as updating contact information!

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