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The EIF may, for solid reasons, suspend a domain registered by a registrar, and if the reason for suspension has not been eliminated in 30 days from the suspension, the EIF may delete the domain.

NOTE! This is a right of the EIF to suspend a domain! In practice, a domain is often not suspended immediately nor removed from the .ee domain, but instead a warning about it is issued. If the violation related to the domain has not been eliminated after the issuing of the warning, the EIF may delete the domain after 30 days.

Solid reasons:

  • The EIF has not been forwarded a proper domain name registration application or a transfer application or consent.
  • The identity and/or the intention of the registrant or the registrant’s representative was not checked in conformity with the Domain Regulation.
  • The terms and conditions for registration of a Sub-domain under a general domain ( / / / have not been met.
Solid reasons related to the registrant:

  • The registrant violates the Domain Regulation and has not terminated the violation during a designated period of 10 workdays. E.g. in a situation where the registrant submits inaccurate data or documents for registering the domain, and does not correct them;
  • The administrative and/or technical contact of the registrant do not reply to repeated queries issued by the EIF.
  • Domain name registration period has ended and the domain has not been renewed during 15 days;
  • A corresponding ruling by the Domain Disputes Committee, a court or an arbitration court concerning the registrant to the corresponding effect has entered into force.
  • The legal person has been deleted from the Business Registry. See also: Domains Belonging to Terminated (Deleted) Legal Persons
Solid reasons in other cases:

  • A grounded application submitted by an .ee accredited registrar. Registrar must submit to EIF the detailed explanation with evidences.
  • A grounded application submitted by an authorised state agency. E.g. the police, CERT or a court order (e.g. a court order can be the grounds for applying a notation of prohibition to a domain);
  • If the domain name is blocked or reserved. The EIF also has the right to decline from registering a domain that has been blocked or if the registration application does not meet the specific conditions for registering reserved domains.
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