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Registrar's certified employee

According to the Registrar Contract with EIF, at least one of the registrar’s employee must be .ee certified person, who has completed certification test.

  • .ee certified employee confirms that in the registrar team is a member, who has acquired sufficient knowledge regarding the general operation of the domain world as well as Estonia’s registry system.
  • .ee certified employee must also train his/her colleagues about the specific knowledge of .ee domain regulation and registry system and helps them about .ee in their everyday work.
  • .ee certified employee shall retake the test after every 2 years or if the domain regulation and its annexes have been significantly amended within the 2 years. In this case the registrar must take a new test within 4 months after the amendments have entered into force.

Potential problems:

  • To whom the certification belongs? .ee certification belongs to the person who has successfully completed the certification test and is individual. If, for example, the .ee certified employee moves from one registrar to another, then the certification moves with them.
  • If .ee certified employee leaves registrar? In this case the registrar must, within three months, certify a new employee at the EIF;