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Reserved Domain Names are names consisting of country names in Estonian, of place names in the administrative units of Estonia and of certain numbers have been reserved by the EIF. These domain names can be registered if documents proving the right to do so are produced.

The list of reserved domain names includes:

  • Country names in the Estonian language, as published in the list of names of countries of the world maintained by the Institute of the Estonian Language;
  • domain names comprised solely of numerals and issued to the holders of the right to use a number on the basis of the Estonian numbering plan;
  • all place names in the list of Territory of Estonia Administrative Units. 
Special Conditions for Registering Reserved Domains

  • A registrar is obliged to check the compliance of the data of a registrant of a reserved domain name as well as their right to register the domain name;
  • if the registrant has the right to register the domain name, the registrar has to apply to the EIF for the authorisation code of the domain name;
  • all clauses of the Domain Regulation related to the registration of domains also apply to the application to register a reserved domain name.
  • The EIF has the right to decline from registering a domain that has been blocked or reserved, and if the registration application does not meet the specific conditions for registering reserved domains.
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