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A domain name can be succeeded and transferred to the legal successor.

  • In the process of domain name succession a registrar must make the domain name transfer to new registrant;
  • In this case the consent of the old owner is replaced by a succession document;
  • A succession document must be a notarised authorised document in which the notary has officially confirmed the identity of the legal successors;
  • Neither a marriage certificate, death certificate nor will would constitute such a document

Potential problems:

  • How long a domain can be succeeded? According to the domain regulation the deletion of the domain name is only possible after the 6 months have elapsed from the death. In this case EIF will send to the contacts (e-mail) of the domain a notice and make a proposal for submitting the documentation within 30 days. After 30 days the domain will be deleted. So it means that if the legal successors have the right to use aforementioned e-mail, they will get the notice.
  • If a technical notation of prohibition restricts the transfer, the domain name cannot be succeeded to a new owner.
Related section in the Domain Regulation: 5.3.6.