Registrar's Information Space
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A registrant can transfer their domain to a new registrant. Essentially this means changing the ownership of the domain.

  • To transfer a domain name, the registrant has to submit an application to the registrar for surrendering the domain for the benefit of the new receiving registrant.
  • Transferring a registration is a critical procedure, therefore mandatory methods of identity verification have been established for registrars.
  • The new owner will also have to submit an application for registering the domain.
  • If the registrar has not established the registrant's direct intention or has doubts about it, the EIF will send an email to the registrant's email address for the verification of the domain name transfer. See more detailed information on this in Domain Statuses.
Potential problems:
  • If a technical notation of prohibition restricts the transfer, the domain name cannot be transferred to a new owner.
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