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A domain expires after the end date of its registration period.

  • After a domain has expired, the registrant continues to own the domain;
  • For the domain not to be blocked (the domain will no longer be in the name servers servicing the .ee zone), the registrant will have to renew the domain during 15 days after the expiration date. See more about this in Domain Renewal.
  • The expiry date of a Domain can also be seen in a WHOIS query.
  • When renewing an expired or suspended domain, the registrant will not gain or lose anything with regard to the registration period (for the expiry date of a domain that was renewed after its expiration date, this means that the next expiry date of the domain will remain the same as it was previously).
Potential problems:
  • The registrant forgot to renew the domain during the 15 days after the end of the registration period? The registrant has another 30 days to renew the domain after the 15 days have passed (i.e. a total of 45 days);
  • What should be done if a domain has expired and there is a need to change the owner as well as the registrar? Once a domain has expired, the owner of the expired domain (the registrant) can still request to the registrar to change the owner or the registrar, by submitting a corresponding application.
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