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For deleting a registration, i.e. a domain name, the registrant of the domain name has to submit a corresponding application to the registrar. Deleting a registration is a critical procedure, therefore mandatory methods of Identity Verification have been established for registrars.

  • For deleting a domain, a clear direct intent has to be expressed in the application submitted by the registrant, declaring the registrant's direct wish to delete the domain registration. The registrar has to proceed according to the instructions in Identity Verification and Signing of Applications.
  • The EIF will send an email to the registrant’s default email address for confirmation of the application to delete the Domain Name Registration. If the registrar has verified the registrant's express intent, the confirmation for deletion will not be sent. See a detailed explanation of Domain Statuses.
  • The deletion process will take 30 days from the date of when the EIF receives the application.
NOTE! The registrant has the right to get the domain back during the 30-day deletion process. To do so, the registrant must submit to the registrar an application to stop the domain deletion procedure.

Potential problems:
  • If a notation of prohibition restricts the deletion for technical reasons, deleting the Domain Name will not be possible;
  • In case of a domain belonging to a legal person deleted from the Business Registry, the EIF will start the deletion procedure as described in the section Domains belonging to ended (deleted) legal persons.
  • In case of a domain belonging to a deceased natural person, the EIF will start the deletion procedure as described in the section Domains Belonging to Deceased Natural Persons.
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