Registrar's Information Space
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The EIF uses WHOIS to publish the status(es) of a domain, its registration, the last change and expiration dates, the registrar, the name servers, the dnssec key, names and mail addresses of the registrant and the other contacts. If the contact is an organization, their business registry code will also be published.

After the registration of a domain, this data becomes available for WHOIS querying immediately.

The mail addresses of contacts are visible only through a captcha-protected WHOIS service, available through the homepage of the EIF and Rest WHOIS.

  • Unix WHOIS:
  • Rest WHOIS:
  • Homepage:

Is the information displayed in WHOIS always up to date? What should I do if it differs from the data entered into the registry system?

First, it should be checked that the EIF's own WHOIS service is used as directly as possible, not the service mediated by another service provider, which may contain outdated data. Then, if the query is performed by a registrar, it should be checked if the changes you are looking for in WHOIS have reached the registry.

WHOIS data should always be up to date, but it should be remembered that before the data reaches WHOIS, it will have to be in the registry. In case of differences, the data coming directly from the registry system is always correct.

What determines if the business registry code of a contact is published in WHOIS?

When creating the contact, the registrar defines if they are a private or legal person with the ident element type 'priv' or 'org'.  The system assumes all contacts with the ident type 'org' are legal persons.