Registrar's Information Space
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A domain can have various statuses whether as a result of automated processes or for administrative reasons. The statuses are always set by the server. A customer can never directly set or remove a status.

  • ok - domain's default status when there are no other statuses;
  • serverRenewProhibited - renewal of the domain is prohibited;
  • serverTransferProhibited - change of registrar is prohibited;
  • serverUpdateProhibited - data updates are prohibited;
  • serverDeleteProhibited - deleting is prohibited;
  • serverManualInZone - the domain's name server are kept in the zone file in any case;
  • expired - the domain has not been renewed and its last registration period has expired;
  • serverHold - the name server entries of the domain have been removed from the zone file. This happens automatically to all expired domains 15 days after expiration.
  • pendingUpdate - waiting for the registrant's confirmation to a registrant change query;
  • pendingDeleteconfirmation - waiting for the registrant's confirmation to a deletion query;
  • pendingDelete - the domain's deletion process is underway;
  • serverForceDelete - a <deletion procedure> has been started for the domain;
  • serverRegistrantChangeProhibited - transfer of the domain, i.e. change of registrant is prohibited;
  • serverAdminChangeProhibited - changing the administrative contact(s) of the domain is prohibited;
  • serverTechChangeProhibited - changing the technical contact(s) of the domain is prohibited;
  • deleteCandidate - the domain is about to be deleted (the date has come when the domain will be deleted at a randomly chosen moment within the following 24 hours).

Why is the domain's status suddenly pendingUpdate and how do I remove it?

A domain will receive a pendingUpdate status if the registrant of the domain (the object of the registrant contact) changes during an update query. If that happens, a confirmation mail is always sent by default to the mail address of the previous contact. This happens also if a new contact object is created for the registrant's person and an attempt is made to replace the old one with it. Thus it may happen that the domain gets the pendingUpdate status without there having been a plan to initiate a transfer of the domain.

If the registrant rejects the operation, the domain's status before the query is restored and there is no update. If the registrant confirms the operation, it will be performed. If the registrant does not react to the confirmation mail at all, the pendingUpdate status will be lifted by the server automatically after 48 hours, also cancelling the pending operation.

If a domain has received a pendingUpdate status as a result of an accidental operation or it has been discovered in the course of the operation that the confirmation mail has not reached the person it was sent to, and you do not want to wait for the 48 hours to pass, you will have to contact the EIF to lift the status through an administrative procedure.

  • How can I restore a domain that the owner allowed to be deleted, but then reconsidered? After the issuing of the deletion command, the domain will be in DeletePending status for 30 days. During this period, it is possible to restore the previous status of the domain if the registrant wishes to do so. To do that, a corresponding signed application has to be submitted to the registrar, who will forward it to the EIF. The registrar itself cannot cancel the deletion of a domain.