Registrar's Information Space
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The test environment is meant for those who are considering becoming an .ee registrar and want to learn the various interfaces and services, as well as for the accredited registrars to perform various development and testing tasks.

Before a new registrar is accredited, the registrar will have to pass the <EPP test> in the test environment to ensure compliance of the registrar's technical systems and procedures with the requirements.

Locations of the interfaces of the test environment:

Registrar's Portal:
Demo client:
Registrant's Portal:

Applying for a test account

To obtain a test account; a certificate application, the IP address(es) and details for the personal ID code-based account should be submitted to the EIF. The EIF will issue a certificate for using the EPP and REPP test interfaces and will grant access to the test environment of the Registrar's Portal to the owners of the respective personal ID codes.

Persons who do not have an Estonian ID card can log in to the web environment with a username and a PKI certificate. In this case it should be noted that the CN in the certificate application should correspond to the desired username.

Data entered into the test environment

A registrar or a registrar candidate enters data into the test environment at their own risk.

NOTE! Operations that include the sending of messages to registrants will send these messages if the contact data are functional, so that this functionality may be tested as well. We recommend performing tests with contacts and domains that have been created specifically for this purpose or that belong to the testers themselves, not to actual customers.

Example domains for testing change of registrar

A domain belonging to another registrar as well as its authorisation code are needed for testing the changing of registrars. There are example domains in the system for this, and additional ones can be created as needed. When you start testing or if the sent domains have been used up, please inform us of your specific needs.

EPP test

The EPP test contains example tasks for all registration services and the most common operations. For instance: creating a contact and a domain, information query, updating a contact's data, changing the contacts and name servers of a domain, transferring a domain, changing the registrar, administration of DNSSEC entries, deleting a domain and reading poll messages.

More detailed tasks will be sent to a registrar candidate once they have announced that they are ready for the test.

  • How much time is allotted for taking the test? As a rule, we presume that the registrar has established the capability of their system to communicate with ours by the time they start the test, and the operations themselves should not take long, definitely not more than a few hours.
  • What if the registrar does not want to interface over EPP? In this case the registrar will take the test using just the web interface (the Registrar's Portal). All required operations can be performed through the web interface.