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In which cases is it impossible to renew a domain?

A domain cannot be renewed if:

  • The domain <status> prohibits it;
  • The registrar does not have sufficient <credit>;
  • The domain belongs to another registrar.

A domain was renewed for a lesser number of periods than requested by the customer. Can we add one more period right away?

Yes, if the sum of the periods is not more than the maximum period allowed in the domain regulation.

The registrar's information system shows that a domain has been renewed but the customer says that an expiry notification was sent to them?

First, it should be checked via <WHOIS>, <the Registrar's Portal> or <EPP interface> if the domain has been successfully renewed. The <failure of the query for various reasons> may not be reflected in the registrar's system.

If the domain is renewed by the current moment, but the customer has received an expiry notification, the domain expired before the renewal. The system will not send an expiry notification to domains that are renewed before the expiry.

Renewal of an Expired or Ended Domain

  • Domains can be renewed after they have expired. The renewal of an expired domain does not differ from an ordinary renewal technically nor pricewise. 
  • An expired domain has the status 'expired'. Once the domain is renewed, the registry will remove it immediately.
  • A domain that has had the 'expired' status for 15 days will be removed from the zone (it ends). The domain is no longer in the name servers servicing the .ee zone, but it can still be renewed in the course of 30 days. After an expired and ended domain has been renewed, it will reappear in the .ee zone after 10 minutes at the latest.
  • A domain that has had ended status for 30 days after its expiry will be assigned the status 'deleteCandidate' and it will be deleted during the following 24-hour period at a moment chosen randomly by the system. A domain that has the 'deleteCandidate' status can no longer be renewed. After the domain has been deleted from the registry, it will be immediately available for anyone.