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A registrant must appoint a technical contact for a domain when registering the domain:

  • Who may be a natural or a legal person;
  • Who has the right to add, edit or remove name server entries of the domain on behalf of the registrant;
  • Who has the right to apply for the adding, editing and deletion of DNSKEY records of the domain;
  • There may be more than one person in this role. The registry system allows the registration of up to 10 technical contacts.
NOTE! A technical contact does not have the right to represent the registrant in other registration services.

NOTE! The EIF may request the technical contact to edit name server entries if these entries cause or may cause disruptions in the operation of the domain name system, or if it is necessary for the suspension of the domain.

NOTE! A registrant is always obliged to guarantee that the person appointed as the technical contact agrees to fulfil the duties of a technical contact.

Potential problems:
  • If a registrant wishes to remove a technical contact? A technical contact can be removed only if there are more than one of them, as every domain has to have at least one technical contact. If there is only one technical contact, it will have to be replaced with another. See also Updating Contact Information.
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