Registrar's Information Space
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A registrant is entitled to all registration services stipulated in the .ee Domain Regulation. These registration services shall be provided to the registrant by an accredited registrar of the .ee domain (a list of registrars is available on the home page of

A registrant is entitled to the following registration services:
  1. Domain name registration;
  2. Renewal of domain name registration;
  3. Updating of contact data related to a domain name;
  4. Administration of name server entries of a domain name;
  5. Deletion of the registration of a domain name;
  6. Transfer of a domain name (i.e. change of ownership of the domain);
  7. Replacement of the registrar of a domain name;
  8. Administration of the DNSKEY records of a domain name.
NOTE! A registrant has the right to request the provision of all registration services from its registrar without any additional conditions!

A registrant is not obliged to buy any other services provided or mediated by the registrar in connection with using the services listed above. E.g. web hosting, mail etc.

Related section in the Domain Regulation: 5 with all subsections.