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For solving domain disputes, the EIF has established the Domain Disputes Committee (DDC), an independent body for solving disputes related to the .ee top level domain.

  • A ruling of the DDC enters into force on the date of the decision being made. The EIF will not enforce the decision before 14 calendar days have passed from entry into enforcement of the decision.
  • A party of the proceedings has the right to initiate judicial proceedings. The EIF will not enforce the ruling of the DDC if a court order has been forwarded to it within 14 days from the date of the decision of the DDC prohibiting the deletion or transfer of a disputed domain as a measure of securing the action.
  • As long as there is no such court order, fulfilling the decision of the DDC is mandatory for a registrar after 14 days have passed from the decision. The party in favour of whom a decision of the DDC has been made, has the right to submit an application to the registrars to enforce that decision. Registrars must act upon this application (e.g. perform the transfer or deletion of a domain name on the date and at the time specifically agreed).
  • An enforced decision of the DDC will replace the registrant’s declaration of will in an application regarding the transfer or deletion of a domain name.
  • If applications have been submitted to the registrar during a procedure of the DDC regarding the disputed domain name, the applications submitted to the registrar shall be deemed invalid.
  • If the .ee domain name registration, which is object of the DDC, has been deleted, it will be transferred into the list of registered domains. In this case, the DDDC decision enforcement is pursuant to special conditions for registering reserved domains.
  • Enforced decisions of the DDC are available HERE (in Estonian).
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