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The Obligations of a Registrar

A registrar has the right and the obligation to provide registration services to registrants. A registrar must provide a high quality and safe registration service to registrants.

  • A registrar must abide by the applicable Domain Regulation;
  • For providing a registration service, a registrar is obliged to sign a service contract with the registrant.
  • A registrar must verify the identity and establish the intent of the registrant before providing the registration service;
  • A registrar must not provide a registration service to a registrant before the registrant has provided all data and documents required for the registration service.
  • A registrar shall keep all personal data collected by it and available to it confidential! A registrar may use personal data only for fulfilling tasks arising from its role as a registrar.
  • A registrar must implement house rules in its company regulating the obligations of the employees of the registrar when processing personal data and to ensure compliance with the Domain Regulation!
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