Registrar's Information Space
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Rights of a Registrar

  • A registrar has the right and the obligation to provide registration services to registrants. Registration services include all activities related to the registration of an .ee domain and other related operations.
  • A registrar has the right to request payment from the registrant for providing registration services (except in the case of issuing an authorisation code).
  • The Registrar may allow one or several domain name registration periods.
  • A registrar has the right to use subcontractors when providing registration services, giving them the right to fulfil the obligations of the registrar. In such case the registrar is responsible for the actions of the subcontractors as if it were its own actions.
  • A registrar does not need the approval of a registrant to transfer its rights and obligations to another registrar.
  • A registrar may provide one or several methods for enabling verification of identity!
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