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General domains are used to group and distinguish domain names of persons and institutions with similar characteristics. 

General domains include:

  • – companies in the sense of the Commercial Code;
  • – natural persons;
  • – sole proprietors in the sense of the Commercial Code;
  • – medical institutions.
NOTE! If a person wishes to register a domain name under a general domain, the person will have to substantiate its conformity to the characteristics of the relevant general domain with relevant documentation. This means, for example, to register a subdomain "construction company" under, the registrar will have to ensure on the basis of a statement of the Business Registry that the registrar is a company in the sense of the Commercial Code. In the case of sole proprietors (FIE-s) also a statement of the Business Registry is needed. In the case of natural persons, verifying the existence of the natural person on the basis of a personal identification document is sufficient. In the case of medical institutions, it must be established that the applicant is a medical institution operating on the basis of valid certification.

  • Substantiating documentation must be attached to an application submitted to the EIF for registering a subdomain under a general domain!
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